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Customer Review of Naked Nails

naked nailsNaked Nails is a battery operated home manicure and buffing tool that makes nails look shiny and natural without using chemicals or polish.

I first learned about Naked Nails when I was visiting a friend and she was finishing off her own nails with one of these.

They looked amazing.

At first, I wasn’t convinced she had done them all herself, but she showed me how the tool worked and I was so impressed I decided to get one for myself.

I was delighted to discover that you can use them for pedicures too. Summer was coming up and I always worry about how my feet are going to look in sandals.

It turns out that they had a special offer and were including a set of Heel Booties, which really help to soften and smooth out dry and cracked heels.

With the special offer also came two filing attachments, so it seemed like a pretty smart purchase as I would be able to do everything myself at home.

I work in a field where my presentation is important, so I usually get regular professional manicures. But quite honestly, I’m so busy that sometimes I just don’t have the time to go to the salon.

It made perfect sense to have a way to give myself that polished look in the comfort of my own living room.

Anyway, after buying Naked Nails for myself and having such a great experience just like my friend did, I wanted to write this review and hopefully encourage some of you to give it a try like I did.

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How Naked Nails Works

I found that Naked Nails is very easy to use, even if you have no experience doing your own manicures.

First, you slide the attachments onto the roller head and turn it on using the switch on the side.

Start with the buffer to smooth out ridges and any imperfections.

Then, you change over to the polishing tool, and that’s when you create that incredibly glossy shine.

The roller spins 30 times per second which is why it’s so easy to get such a high gloss so quickly.

When you see your nails after finishing, it’s really hard to believe that they look so good without any polish at all.

If you do want to use polish, it’s great for prepping your nails so that the color glides on smoothly.

Features I Liked About Naked Nails:

  • It is small and lightweight, so it fits in my purse quite easily.
  • Cordless, so I can use it anywhere.
  • Uses standard AA batteries.
  • The filing attachments are so much easier to use than a nail file.

The Pros and the Cons

I happen to be a huge fan of Naked Nails, but there are always pros and cons with any product that you need to think about before purchasing.

Here’s what I found:


  • No mess. A huge improvement on normal manicure kits, especially with polish and remover.
  • The shine lasts much longer than I expected and it’s easy to touch up every few days.
  • No worries about clear polish flaking off or chipping. Even as the shine fades, it looks good.
  • The file attachments make it super easy to shape nails accurately.


  • Don’t use with acrylic nails as they are much too hard. It should only be used as directed on your natural nails.
  • If you are traveling and depending on it, make sure you have spare batteries. You don’t want it to run out of steam during a trip.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Naked Nails?

Hands down, the best place to get this product is directly from Naked Nails’ official website.

I saw it available from other sources when I looked around, but the product website is definitely your best option.

Not only do they have a special offer that I mentioned previously (free heel booties and 2 free bonus filing attachments), but it’s also nice to have the confidence of the 30-day money back guarantee.

I love the Heel Booties, and the nail filing disc attachments have made me really spoiled. I can’t imagine using a normal nail filer again.

My Final Thoughts on Naked Nails

At first, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get my nails to look as good as they did when I would go to the salon, especially without using any polish.

I’d always found trying to do my nails at home frustrating and messy in the past, but after a few tries I got the hang of it and I can now do my fingers and toes while I’m watching my favorite TV show.

Actually, they look even better than they did before as I’m not using any chemicals on them, which always seemed to dull them and make them go a bit yellow.

I’m saving money too, so all around Naked Nails has been a great purchase for me and I can’t imagine what I’d do without it now.

As someone who always had to spend a lot of money at salons because I couldn’t do my own nails, I’ve been converted into a DIY home manicure and pedicure expert.

Highly recommended!

Getting a Perfect Manicure Every Time!

buy naked nailsI’ve only had a professional manicure done a couple of times in my life, and I loved the way my nails were so smooth and shiny afterward.

My nails definitely don’t look like that all the time, especially since I like to paint them often. Having my nails constantly painted means that when I do take the nail polish off, my nails look unhealthy.

I can’t afford to be getting manicures on a regular basis, though, so when I heard about Naked Nails, an at-home manicure system, I decided to try it.This is a device that works primarily by spinning.

The parts to the Naked Nails system:

  • Base, with a spinning head, where the attachments go
  • Filing attachment (you only get this part if you order on ordernakednails.com)
  • Buffing attachment
  • High-shine attachment – Since it spins, you don’t have to do a tedious scrubbing motion with a nail file or a buffing board. That’s one of the great things about it.

Here are some other pros about Naked Nails…

  • It’s cheap. Professional manicures are never this affordable.
  • You can use it at home. Not only are you saving money by not going to a professional, you are also saving time and gas to not have to go to a salon.
  • It’s much faster than filing and buffing on your own any other way.
  • Great idea for sandal season: Use this on your toenails, too! If you’re squeamish about using the same thing for both your feet and your hands, if you order at ordernakednails.com, you get two of each attachment, so you can designate one for your fingernails and one for your toenails.

As for the cons about Naked Nails…

There is no power cord. You have to use up AA batteries for it. That does allow you to use it anywhere, and not have to stay close to an outlet, but personally, I prefer things that plug in so I don’t have to buy as many batteries.

Overall, I’m very glad I ordered Naked Nails. Honestly, my nails have never looked better! They actually look good enough that I’m comfortable going out in public without my nails painted. I still like to paint my nails when I can, but it’s nice to have the option to go without. I hope you all decide to try it out!

Natural Nails Can Reveal Health Issues

unhealthy nailsBeautiful finishing touches are achieved without polish using the Naked Nails System, but that alone isn’t the only reason to keep your nails clear, natural and without colored polish. Polish is pretty and fun, however sometimes one needs to take a good look at their nails.

The years of using constant applications of polish or acrylic nails can keep you from really looking at your nails. Chemicals removers can be hard on your finger and toe nails, stripping the natural oils away.

The question is whether or not the peeling and thinness are strictly because of the chemicals being habitually applied to your nails or are there underlying health issues hidden under all that product?

Yes, your nails are an indicator of your health. When you choose to keep your nails in a natural clear state you can learn to read some of your health by watching your nails.

For instance, some warning signs of problems are nails changing in size and color. Sometimes nails turn yellow, have white specks in them, or a slight color band appears around the outer edge of the nail.

Nail clubbing, which is the softening and thickening of the nail and the end of finger or toe could be an indicator of low oxygen in the body.

Psoriasis may cause your nails to turn green, yellow or brown with pitting or ridges.

Diseases that affect your whole body and organ system can change the shape and growth patterns of your nails, both on your hands and feet.

Tinea is a type of fungus infection that causes athlete’s foot. This athlete’s foot fungus can grow over into the toenails turning them yellowish and making them thicker.

A zinc deficiency, if left unchecked, eventually will eat away at the nail plate. This makes nails weaker and more likely to break.

These are just some of the things to look for in checking your nails for health issues. Having clear, natural nails helps you keep an eye out on your current health.

Using the Naked Nails system allows for sanitary conditions in case you have any nail bed issues. Clear, naturally polished nails with the Naked Nail system are youthful to look at.

Naked Nails clear, natural polished look allows you to watch for changes in your nails and address them accordingly should you see any changes in your nails.

Who doesn’t want beautiful well-manicured hands and a chance to keep tabs on your health?

Naked Nails Works for Everyone

Naked Nails reviewsDo you get tired of taking time out of your busy schedule to sit in a manicurist’s chair? What about the money spent on bi-weekly nail upkeep? Using the Naked Nails system allows you to plan your own schedule and after an initial purchase, it is very low cost to upkeep your nails.

The Naked Nails system is compact enough to take with you when traveling or maybe to work in case you need to do a repair. Actually, it is cost effective enough to have one at home and one at the office.

Naked Nails for Men?

There are so many reasons to use this system as a woman, but perhaps the man in your life likes his nails to look nice and professional. Men need to take care of their nails as well. Whether they are in a professional business setting or a mechanic, well-manicured nails are important. A man has a desire and necessity to be well groomed with natural healthy looking nails.

Naked Nails for Hairdressers

This is an ideal system for hairdressers, as the chemicals they work with on a daily basis are hard on their nails. With Naked Nails, a hairdresser can keep their nails evenly shaped, filed and polished. No more ugly peeling polish to deal with. Repairs for hairdressers are kept to a minimum as well as look more professional to clients.

How about teenagers?

Then there are those teenage girls in your life. What teenager or even young girl doesn’t love to have their nails done? The Naked Nails system is great when all those girls have a slumber party. Every girl can cost effectively and safely do each others nails. They can have a beautiful natural manicure or pedicure without a big mess or expense.

Oh and what about those toes as well? In the summer, clean, polished, natural looking toenails in a pair of sandals are elegant. What a great way to have a pedicure with a clean natural polished look. Using the system makes it easy to reach your toes, unlike trying to use a file and buffer.

Let’s not forget the elderly!

Many elderly also, find taking care of the nails on their hands and feet difficult. Naked nails make the process much more doable for them. They can easily handle this lightweight product. No longer will they have to call someone to come take care of their nails, especially the toenails.

Finally a quick way to have a beautiful, lasting manicure

Naked Nails reviewI am very excited about the new Naked Nails manicure tool! I have always preferred a more natural looking nail finish. I enjoy having beautiful, classy-looking nails, but I’m just not into lots of polishes and removers and all the smell and hassle that goes with them. I’m athletic and busy with my hands. A salon manicure just never lasts for me. So this product is really up my alley!

I enjoy going to a salon for a great manicure once in a while, but I really need to be able to have my own great results at home quickly, and I can do this as often as I need to. Who has time to get to the salon daily? I sure don’t.

So…it works pretty much like the other manual buffing systems that are out there, but better. It has several different buffing attachments that you use one after another to achieve a really beautiful glossy nail. But it is actually so much easier to get great results, because you can get into all the areas of your nail, particularly the sides, which are always difficult when using a manual buffing stick.

The design of the Naked Nails is great too. It is small and lightweight, so it is easily to handle, even with your non-dominant hand. Isn’t that always one of the biggest problems when doing your own nails? Also, it fits easily into your purse or makeup case for touch-ups on trips and it is battery-powered so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug it in. Long car trip? Do your nails!

Sure, you can’t use it on acrylic nails. They are too hard. But this tool is for making your own nails so beautiful, you won’t need acrylics! You should try it. It will probably be your new best beauty tool!